5 Star Book Review of CRAVED on ADELAIDE – Literary Magazine

5 Star Book Review of CRAVED on ADELAIDE – Independent Quarterly Literary Magazine

CRAVED – A Novel by Lola Smirnova

sequel to twisted craved by lola smirnova cover Before starting with this book, I had low expectations in terms of entertainment given the fact that it is about the sex trade industry. I was expecting to read about three girls and all the injustice done to them, but this book was spectacularly surprising.

The characterization is brilliant and the personalities of the lead characters, as well as the supporting ones, are really well crafted. The story is thoroughly absorbing and completely capturing. I felt a connection with all the characters in this book and realized the brutal truth about this repelling industry.

I was pulled into this book right from the start to the very end. The battles the girls face, each and every day, and their hard life is explained beautifully, but surprisingly enough without burdening the reader with sorry feelings by showing the girls headstrong and ready to accept any challenge that is thrown their way.

The author’s writing is incredible and the flow is so good that I was done with this book within a day of starting it. I was really impressed with this book and knew, as soon as I was through the first few pages, that I’m reading something that is very, very special.

The descriptions are vivid and the imagery is great. I felt that I was in there with Julia all the time when she was going through her everyday life.

The book ended with an amazing cliffhanger of an ending and left me craving for more. I was like – Seriously!?

And, in spite of the entertaining value of the book, the seriousness of the issue was never lost on me.

Genre: New Adult, Dark, Suspense
Release Date: June 30, 2015
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 316
ISBN: 1515299279
Rating: ★★★★★

Book Review by Heena Rathore P. (The Reading Bud: www.thereadingbud.com)

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